Frequently Asked

Simple answers to commonly asked questions about Teamfi. If you have question that you don't see answered here, please feel free to reach out and we'll respond as soon as possible.

What percentage does my team get to keep of each donation?

Your team will keep 100% of each donation minus the payment processing charged by Stripe, our 3rd party payment processor. Payment processing costs 2.9% + $0.30 per donation, and this usually works itself out to ≈3.4% total. That means you take home ≈96.6% and Teamfi takes 0.0%. To learn more about exactly how Teamfi fundraisers are broken down, we encourage you to visit our pricing page. If you're curious to what payment processing could look like for your fundraiser, we invite you to visit our fundraiser calculator page to estimate the payment processing fees. We pride ourselves in delivering the most affordable fundraising option possible to coaches across the United States.

How does Teamfi make money? 

Teamfi is free thanks to the optional tips we receive from fundraiser donors. Our 0% platform fee means we profit nothing from your fundraiser.

How long does the campaign run?

The campaign runs for ~10 days and is comprised of three rounds of text messages to the contacts your players upload. We send out a text on the day of launch, and then a follow-up text 4 days later to all individuals who did not donate, and then a second follow-up 3 days after that.

How easy is the set-up?

The set-up is incredibly easy and will take you <5 minutes to create your fundraiser and invite your players to join. Once your players join the fundraiser they are asked to add 20 contacts which can be as fast as another 10 minutes. Throughout the setup process we have have guided onboarding for both you (the coach) and the players all of this makes for super straight-forward and simple process.

How do I get my fundraiser's payout?

Once your fundraiser is complete, Teamfi will mail a check to the address you provide for your team. Additionally, you can choose to connect your team's bank account to receive a direct deposit.

Does the Coach/Fundraiser Admin have transparency over the fundraiser? 

Absolutely! Teamfi was built with coach transparency top-of-mind – we wanted to equip coaches with the power to completely control their fundraiser from start to finish. With that in mind, we've built Teamfi so that coaches can see all players who've joined, their donations, their donation totals, and any other data that is tied to their fundraiser on the Teamfi Coach Dashboard. In addition, the Coach Dashboard is equipped with 10+ key metrics that will allow coaches to have complete transparency on their fundraiser's progress.

Do the players create a message or is it an automatically generated message? 

All texts are automatically generated & sent by the app once you hit the 'activate fundraiser' button. They are of the form "Hi [Contact Name], this is [Player Name], texting you from my team's fundraising app. We're raising money for [XYZ] this year, would you please help me hit my fundraising goal of $500 by clicking the link below?"

Can I live track my team's donations as they come in?

Yes, all of your team's donations are visible on your coach's dashboard. Not only can you track your team's donations by player, but you can also sort through your team's donations individually, including their names and messages (unless your supporters choose to donate anonymously).

If someone donates to my fundraiser from the first round of text-messages, will they continue to get a message during round 2 and 3?

No. We take pride in not spamming your donors. After donating, your donors cease to receive new texts. We also provide all potential donors the option to opt out of recieving future texts by replying simply with 'Stop'