Free Fundraising E-Book

We Surveyed 100 Coaches About Fundraising So You Don’t Have To

Look - fundraising stinks. You didn’t get into coaching to become a fundraiser, but here you are.

You’re now fundraiser-in-chief. Congrats! We're just kidding.... but you know what stinks even more? Trying to find out how other coaches approach fundraising.

So we surveyed 100 of them for you and put everything we learned in this E-book.

In this e-book, we deep dive into the 5 most important things we learned. These topics include: 

  1. Almost everybody fundraises
  2. Don’t feel bad about running more than 1 fundraiser – most coaches do it
  3. Don’t count on your summer camp as your main fundraiser
  4. You don’t need to provide value with your fundraiser…..
  5. ....but don’t forget about providing value, because that can be a great strategy, too!

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